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Date Open High Low Close
27-May-16 17348.35 17543.3 17327.65 17511
30-May-16 17580.85 17666.05 17484.8 17520
31-May-16 17615.1 17648.25 17462.2 17620
01-Jun-16 17670.85 17670.85 17392.85 17423
02-Jun-16 17405.15 17596.4 17350.45 17567
03-Jun-16 17657.2 17762.05 17649.05 17680
06-Jun-16 17710.45 17754.15 17636.9 17671
07-Jun-16 17796.55 18000.95 17713.35 17948
08-Jun-16 17976.25 17995.8 17855.2 17946
09-Jun-16 17955.8 17986.15 17801.55 17887
10-Jun-16 17830.2 18051.5 17815.25 17828
Intraday Option Strategies
This intraday option trading strategy works 60-80% of the time depending on market conditions and where you keep stop loss and time when you exit .
All out of the money options become zero on expiry day. So this strategy is used my most professionals. This strategy should be executed with a strict stop loss order in system due to gamma effect the prices can move swiftly against you.
In this Short Strangle strategy you just have to figure our where the market will not go. means you have to find the range of market and then sell out of money options. according to you risk appetite.
Option Trading Strategies
A Option trading strategy loved my most Intraday as well as positional traders. Where you sell at the money call and at the money put of the same expiry.
Anaother great strategy used by all. In this you sell out of the money call and out of the money put of the same expiry.
This is a directonal strategy where you expect the market will move in some direction. In this strategy you buy ATM or Slightly ITM or OTM option and sell far out of the money option. this strategy can be used in bear as well as bull market.
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Top trending Stock Option Chain | Today
Logo Company Name Views Today Views Last Month Total Views
Reliance Historical Option Chain 64 685 5,828
Hdfc Bank Historical Option Chain $46 728 4,508
Icici Bank 59 952 4,366
TCS Historical Option Chain 32 577 2,016
Infosys Historical Option Chain 79 811 3,239

Yes, It is 100% free on

No, There are limits on the number of strategy you can backtest.

Yes the data is acuurate as per the NSE Records,
Bank NIfty

,This website backtest results are best for positional trades.

You first have to select Index or stock then you have to select strategy and then you will find results.

You are not allowed to download backtesting results you can view as many times you wish
Why to do Backtesting

Backtesting is very important when developing a trading system. If created and interpreted properly, it can help traders find any technical or theoretical flaws, optimize and improve their strategies, as well as gain confidence in their strategy before applying it to the real world markets..

Historical Option Chain Data

Free Hisorical Option Chain data for Nifty, Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, Midcap Nifty, Bankex, Sensex and Stock Options

option backtesting
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You can back test option strategy free of cost you don’t have to worry about buying packages of thousands of rupees to backtest some strategies with limited backtest. is a free backtesting website india for Nifty, Bank Nifty, Midcap Nifty and Fin Nifty Future and Options, where you can do unlimited backtest without any charges.

Option Backtesting free of Iron Condoor, Iron Fly, Long and Short Strangle and Straddle of Nifty index and sectors such as Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, and Midcap Nifty,

Option Backtesting India for Nifty index and sectors, Such as Banking, Financial Services, and Midcap Nifty. You can backtest unlimited times of any strategy you want.


Option Backtesting Website and Software India To Backtest Free Nifty And Bank Nifty Option Strategy, like Short Straddle Long Strangle, Iron Condoor & Iron Fly, Bull and Bear Call Put Spread
Backtesting is a fundamental process for traders and investors seeking to assess the viability of their trading strategies using historical options data. This method allows them to evaluate how a specific options trading strategy would have performed in the past, considering various market conditions. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to approach option backtesting effectively:
Define Your Strategy:
Begin by clearly outlining the specific parameters of your options trading strategy. Define the criteria for entering and exiting trades, establish risk management rules, and specify any other relevant factors that define your approach.
Gather Historical Data:
Accumulate comprehensive historical options data for the period you intend to analyze. Ensure you have access to data pertaining to the underlying asset's price, option prices, implied volatility, and other essential metrics necessary for your analysis.
Utilize Backtesting Software:
Leverage specialized Free Options backtesting India software or platforms designed for this purpose. These platforms enable you to input your strategy and historical data, facilitating simulations of trades and calculations of potential profits or losses.
Implement Your Strategy:
Input your strategy parameters into the chosen backtesting software. This includes specifying strike prices, expiration dates, and any technical indicators that are integral to your trading strategy.
Run Simulations:
Initiate simulations using the historical data and your defined strategy. The software will apply your strategy to past market conditions, providing insights into how it would have performed over time.
Analyze the Results:
Thoroughly analyze the results of the simulations. Focus on key metrics such as total profit or loss, win rate, maximum drawdown, and risk-adjusted return. Pay close attention to losing trades to identify potential weaknesses in your strategy.
Iterate and Optimize:
If the backtesting results are not satisfactory, refine your strategy based on the insights gained and repeat the process. Continuous refinement is crucial for enhancing the effectiveness of your trading approach.
Consider Real-World Factors:
Acknowledge that real-world trading conditions may differ due to factors such as slippage, liquidity issues, and transaction costs. Factor in these elements when interpreting the results of your backtesting.
Paper Trading:
Before committing real funds, consider engaging in paper trading—simulated trading without actual financial risk. This practice allows you to validate your refined strategy in real-time market conditions, providing valuable practical experience.
Stay Updated:
Market conditions are dynamic. Regularly update your backtesting with new data to ensure your strategy remains robust and adaptable to various market scenarios.
By following these steps diligently, traders and investors can gain valuable insights into the Nifty Backtesting & BankNifty Backtesting potential effectiveness of their option trading strategies. When combined with ongoing market analysis and prudent risk management, backtesting serves as a powerful tool for making well-informed decisions in live trading, ultimately enhancing the probability of successful outcomes.
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Free Historical Nifty Option Chain

Get lifetime free access to nifty historial option chain

Free Historical Nifty Option Chain

Get lifetime free access to nifty historial option chain

Free Historical Nifty Option Chain

Get lifetime free access to nifty historial option chain

Free Historical Nifty Option Chain

Get lifetime free access to nifty historial option chain

Free Historical Nifty Option Chain

Get lifetime free access to nifty historial option chain.

Bull Call Spread Option Strategy
Bull Call Spread Option Strategy

Learn Option Strategy loved by all types of traders positional or intraday when the view is Bullish to Mildly Bullish

Bull Put Spread Option Strategy
Bull Put Spread Option Strategy

Limited Loss Limited Profit Net Credit Strategy used by professionals

Bear Put Spread Option Strategy
Bear Put Spread Option Strategy

Strategy used by all traders when they hava a bearish view

Bear Call Spread Option Strategy
Bear Call Spread Option Strategy

Leran to Earn profit even in sideways market Net Credit Strategy used by market makers. when the view is bearish to mildly bearish

This website is beta mode. WE have uploaded many of data you can check and We are rigourously working on it to complete the website. Keep coming back to do free backtesting